Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Barry and Bob

These are sketchbook doodles of two very dear friends of mine, ( well, three actually...the face at the bottom is an attempt at another chum, Sheldon Arnst...but I hadn't got him down to my satisfaction at the time).
Barry, on the left, could be as grumpy as I have shown, but his enthusiasms were huge too. He ran a bar in Itaewon in Seoul, which his son, Shawn, now runs. Barry is sadly missed, since he is now running a bar on some cloud up in the sparkling firmament.
Bob, on the right, is a jolly force of nature and, like me is an animation supervisor, director, etc. These are some of the people that have enriched my life.


  1. Hi Simon, I love looking at artist's sketch books, especially your series on the Black Cat. Have you submitted it to a publisher? I know you haven't, slacker! Look forward to getting my signed copy of the book when it comes out.
    Great stuff.

  2. Thanks I haven't finished the cat yet...I have so many unfinished projects...but I am trying to narrow them down and get them done whilst at the same time trying to earn a living...sorry I didn't make it to Australia, that would have been a nice working and social thing, I think. Take care chat soon.

  3. Bob reminds me of Robert Arkwright, who did some time in Seoul, though he may not be the inspiration for your drawing.

  4. Well done is Robert Arkwright! Full marks!