Saturday, 21 February 2009

Well, You See....I Was A Bit Bored At The Time.

Sometimes I'm not even aware I'm doing it.


  1. Thank you for your support ... but I need to practice more. I do too sloppy expression. And yet I have very bad with plastic movements. You get it better. I don`t know why, but for me it`s very difficult to color my work.
    Besides, while I paint only Burton characters, not mine. I need to throw it. Because the drawing of not mine`s characters don`t developing my imagination. Yeah...
    ...But I still can`t get that some think "Nightmare" is Emo (or Goth-I do not know how to say) cartoon. I am sure that the director is not a vicious, gloomy guy.
    By the way, you know, you have a very good work, well done! Do you use Photoshop?

  2. Wait. Now I see that it is coal. I just started working with it. For me, it's too hard... Hey! It looks like Peter Pan there, right?

  3. No Maria...not photoshop, nor is it charcoal. I sketched in pencil, (heavy, soft pencil) and then went over that in brushpen.
    I'll often use watercolour crayons, I love the texture of them...they don't erase but, that doesn't matter when you are free sketching.
    Peter Pan? Haha...I wasn't aware, perhaps it was on my mind!

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  5. Really? I actually thought it is coal. It's in my eyes.
    Pencil like B2? No, probably softer... It`s not happened yet, that I didn`t use the eraser when drawing. This looks like you have any problems with drawing something for a minute or two, with few waves of your pencil?
    By the way... I have some new pictures. You can see them. But it doesn`t oblige you.
    (hmm... interesting, did you understand my English? I think it`s terrible!)